[Variety Show/Subbed] Who’s the Murderer

Title: Who’s the Murderer 明星大侦探

Fixed/permanent cast: He Jiong (Season 1+2), Sa Bei Ning (1+2), Emma Wu Ying Jie (Gui Gui; 1+2), Bai Jing Ting (1+2), Wang Ou (1+2), Da Zhang Wei (1), Jackson Wang Jia Er (2)

Airing date: [Season One] March 27, 2016 – Every Sunday at 20:00; [Season Two] January 13, 2017 – Every Friday at 12:00

Number of episodes: 12 [Season 1+2]

Broadcast station: Hunan TV

Role-playing mystery game where among the members is one known detective, multiple suspects, and one hiding murderer. Only the murderer can lie.
Each member is given a role and a background story. They have to search the “crime scene” for hints and to find the murderer while erasing their own suspicions. This is a game of skill, intelligence, observation, and luck.


Season One (English Subtitles): Guests include Qiao Zhen Yu (Ep 0,1,9), Liu Hao Ran (4), Zhang Ruo Yun (5,8), Wei Da Xun (6), Jackson Wang (10), Aaron Yan (11)

Season Two (English Subtitles): Guests include Ariel Lin (Ep 0,3), Wei Da Xun (1,7,8,11,12), Yang Rong (1,7,8,9,10), Da Zhang Wei (2,4,10), Ivy Chen (2), Qiao Zhen Yu (5,6), Alec Su (9), Huang Lei (12)


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