[Variety Show/Subbed] Go Fighting!


Title: Go Fighting! 极限挑战

Cast: Lay Zhang Yi Xing, Huang Bo, Sun Hong Lei, Show Luo Zhi Xiang, Huang Lei, Wang Xun

Airing Date[Season One] June 14, 2015; [Season Two] April 17, 2016 – Every Sunday at 21:00

Number of Episodes: 12 + 1 Special [Season 1+2]

Broadcast station: Shanghai Dragon TV

Themed variety show set at various locations in China. With each episode’s theme, the cast and guests compete to become the champion or must work together to resolve a situation.


Season One (English Subbed): Guests include Joe Chen Qiao En (3), Chen Bo Lin (8). 

Movie (raw): Guest Zhao Li Ying.  

Season Two (English Subbed): Guests include Lin Chi Lin (5), Xie Na (10), Jiang Jin Fu (10), Darren Wang Da Lu (10), JJ Lin (12 + special), Jolin Tsai (12 + special). 


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