[Variety Show/Subbed] Go Fighting!


Title: Go Fighting! 极限挑战

Cast: Lay Zhang Yi Xing, Huang Bo, Sun Hong Lei, Show Luo Zhi Xiang, Huang Lei, Wang Xun

Airing Date[Season One] June 14, 2015; [Season Two] April 17, 2016 – Every Sunday at 21:00

Number of Episodes: 12 + 1 Special [Season 1+2]

Broadcast station: Shanghai Dragon TV

Themed variety show set at various locations in China. With each episode’s theme, the cast and guests compete to become the champion or must work together to resolve a situation.

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[Variety Show/Subbed] Who’s the Murderer

Title: Who’s the Murderer 明星大侦探

Fixed/permanent cast: He Jiong (Season 1+2), Sa Bei Ning (1+2), Emma Wu Ying Jie (Gui Gui; 1+2), Bai Jing Ting (1+2), Wang Ou (1+2), Da Zhang Wei (1), Jackson Wang Jia Er (2)

Airing date: [Season One] March 27, 2016 – Every Sunday at 20:00; [Season Two] January 13, 2017 – Every Friday at 12:00

Number of episodes: 12 [Season 1+2]

Broadcast station: Hunan TV

Role-playing mystery game where among the members is one known detective, multiple suspects, and one hiding murderer. Only the murderer can lie.
Each member is given a role and a background story. They have to search the “crime scene” for hints and to find the murderer while erasing their own suspicions. This is a game of skill, intelligence, observation, and luck.

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[Variety Show/Subbed] Keep Running / Running Man

Title: Keep Running / Running Man 奔跑吧兄弟 (current name changed to 奔跑吧)

Cast: Deng Chao (Season 1-5), Li Chen (1-5), Chen He (1-5), Zheng Kai (1-5), Wang Zu Lan (1-5), Angelababy (1-4), Wang Bao Qiang (1), Bao Bei Er (2), Lu Han (3-5), Dilireba (5)

Airing date: [Season One] October 10, 2014; [Season Two] April 17, 2015; [Season Three] October 30, 2015; [Season Four] April 15, 2016; [Season Five] April 14, 2017 – Every Friday at 21:10

Number of episodes: 15 [Season 1]; 12 [2-5]

Broadcast station: Zhejiang TV

Themed concept with different ones each episode. The cast (and guests) compete against each other for the ultimate prize (most often real gold~). They play games while exploring different locations in China (and sometimes other countries). Hilarious interactions between the cast and the never-boring-games they play (including the signature name-tag ripping game they are known for) makes this variety show one of the most successful in China.

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[Variety Show/Subbed] 72 Floors of Mystery


Title: 72 Floors of Mystery 七十二层奇楼

Cast: Kris Wu Yi Fan, Zhao Li Ying, Leo Wu Lei, Da Zhang Wei, Simon Yam, Wang Xiao Li, Liu Chang, Yong Er

Season one special guest: William Chen Wei Ting

Airing date: May 5th, 2017 – Every Friday at 20:20

Number of episodes: 12

Broadcast station: Hunan TV

The concept of this variety show was created by Nan Pai San Shu a.k.a. Kennedy Xu (author of The Lost Tomb) based on a mysterious historical story which tells of how ever since 67 A.D., each dynasty would build a floor which would sink into the ground, eventually forming 72 floors. Its location and internal structures are unknown making this the perfect setting for imaginative story telling and visual effects.

Our cast and guests embark on adventures where they have to work together to solve mysteries, escape traps, find hidden treasures and more.

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