[Variety Show/Subbed] Keep Running / Running Man

Title: Keep Running / Running Man 奔跑吧兄弟 (current name changed to 奔跑吧)

Cast: Deng Chao (Season 1-5), Li Chen (1-5), Chen He (1-5), Zheng Kai (1-5), Wang Zu Lan (1-5), Angelababy (1-4), Wang Bao Qiang (1), Bao Bei Er (2), Lu Han (3-5), Dilireba (5)

Airing date: [Season One] October 10, 2014; [Season Two] April 17, 2015; [Season Three] October 30, 2015; [Season Four] April 15, 2016; [Season Five] April 14, 2017 – Every Friday at 21:10

Number of episodes: 15 [Season 1]; 12 [2-5]

Broadcast station: Zhejiang TV

Themed concept with different ones each episode. The cast (and guests) compete against each other for the ultimate prize (most often real gold~). They play games while exploring different locations in China (and sometimes other countries). Hilarious interactions between the cast and the never-boring-games they play (including the signature name-tag ripping game they are known for) makes this variety show one of the most successful in China.

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[Variety Show] Ace vs Ace a.k.a. The Negotiator a.k.a. Trump Card


Title: Ace vs Ace a.k.a. The Negotiator a.k.a. Trump Card 王牌对王牌

Cast: Wang Zu Lan (Season 1+2), Shen Tao (1+2) , Bai Bai He (1), Xie Na (1), Wang Yuan (TFBOYS; 2), Victoria Song Qian (2)

Notable guests:  TOO MANY TO COUNT….. (psht Jackie Chan in Season Two episode 1)

Airing date: [Season One] January 29, 2016 – Every Friday at 20:20; [Season Two] January 20, 2017 – Every Friday at 20:20

Number of episodes: [Season One] 11; [Season Two] 12

Broadcast station: Zhejiang TV

Each episode consists of celebrity guests who are divided between two team captains. Both teams compete against each other in a series of hilarious games to find the ace among aces.

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